Monday, June 1, 2015


I saw Abner at the picnic-- he was one of my foster dogs and such a sweet boy.  He was a puppy when I had him.  I keep up with his adventures on facebook-- I love them!
 Abner had a lot of eye surgery when he was with me, and then he was adopted.   Part of my heart moved to New York with him.
 He's a therapy dog up there and he goes to the airport to calm people down when they are waiting for planes.  He also goes to schools and assisted living homes.

 His mom ran in a 5K run this past week-end-- and Abner cheered her on.   It was cold and rainy, but Mary said the girls from Girls on the Run still ran.
 Mary represented Potomac Valley Pekingese Club when she ran.  
 Abner talked to Henry about it-- Henry's mom was representing Buffalo CARES, so they both had moms running for great causes!
 I think Abner is telling Henry how proud he is of his mom.   So am I!
 Henry was exhausted after the event.  
 Both of their moms received equal checks for $340.00.   WOW!
Thank you, Abner-- and give your mom a big high five paw for me.   And give her a kiss, too!   Thank you for helping our rescue, so we can continue to help little ones like you.


lady jicky said...

High Five to Abner from the gang in Oz.

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Outstanding!! And I know how much you loved seeing Abner again at the picnic… :)