Tuesday, June 2, 2015


 Sophie had to stay in isolation at the vet because she had kennel cough and needed to be away from other dogs.  
 Everyone loved her there!   Before she left, they gave her a bath and got rid of that stinky shelter smell.   She was so good and had pretty bows put in her hair.
 She loves people, wags her tail a lot.  
 I took her to a friend's house who offered to keep her until her surgery next week.    She met Max, who is laid back and about her size.
 She seems to be looking at him, but she is "looking" with her ears-- Sophie cannot see.
 It doesn't phase her-- dogs are amazing in how they can adapt so well.
 Where is that dog?
 Max doesn't care if Sophie is being a little testy.  
 Sophie is so sweet with people, but dogs-- well... not so much.   And at nine pounds, she is ferocious!  (She needs to put on a little weight, a pound of two.)
 She is a little beauty-- her colors are wonderful.
 I know we can get weight on her-- her skin seems to be healthy.   She just wasn't taken care of before we got her.
 She has some hernias that will be repaired next week.   She will be spayed.   Her bad eye/eyes will be removed.    Since she can't see anyway, this will not create a new issue for her.
We are looking for the perfect home for her.   I know she has a lot of love to give.   She is about 6 years old and so has many years to be part of a family.  Is it you?

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lady jicky said...

Sophie would make a wonderful pet for an older person!
Love the bows!!!