Sunday, June 7, 2015


Look at this sweet thing!   He is now five years old, but here is Gizmo as a puppy.
He is a beautiful  Peke who is coming into rescue.   His owner is turning him in because she works long hours and wants him to be in a home where he will get more attention.
He loves cuddles and love and gets along with other dogs.    Once he is medically updated, he will be ready for adoption.    Welcome to rescue, Gizmo!!


lady jicky said...

Now that owner is good .... dogs do not do well alone all day long!
If you work long hours .... please , do not have a dog - its not fair on them.

He is lovely and I bet he will be adopted real soon .... we are doing the Dance Linda!!!

Linda Asa said...

Would love to have him how do i go about getting him

Linda said...

you have to fill out an application on

Linda Asa said...

he is such a beautiful baby i am not that good with a computer where and how can i fill out adoption papers