Saturday, June 6, 2015


 Starlight tries to keep a low profile when Camp Runamuck is in session.  
 So does Lexie-- they both stay under things.   There are so many grandbits around that it is safer to take cover.
 Moppy (me, Linda) took Lil Bit shopping for her birthday. Meghann, Lil Bit's mom went, too.
 We found a lot of clothes!
And so many of them fit!  Moppy's bank account was in trouble!
 While we were shopping, the other Bits were home with Poppy.    The marble game was a huge hit-- put the marbles on the top, and watch them all roll down.   The Bits do this over and over.
 Beach Bit and Cowboy Bit were having so much fun.
 That is, it was fun until Cowboy Bit (who is 2 1/2) put all the marbles under the couch.
 They were looking for them with flashlights!
Off to the porch, where five of them got into the hammock.   That hammock sees a lot of action!
 Sugar Bit did not care about the marbles- as long as she was held, she was fine.   In fact, Beesey Bit decided to sing to her.   SugarBitLullabye - YouTube
 They all went outside to play soccer.    Poppy and Aunt Ashley were in charge!  (Moppy and Lil Bit were still shopping.)
 Kai Kai was not amused with all the activity-- he is a mama's boy, and I wasn't here to comfort him.
 Pi just found a quiet corner.
 GiGi was great with it-- more kids to play with!  (She is 5 months old.)
 Chumley was tired.
 Max was in his safe spot, by the window.
 And Starlight.. well, we know Starlight.
Under the table.    Is there room for me, Starlight? :-)

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lady jicky said...

Wow .... Camp Runamuck was in full force!!! I would be under a table too! LOL