Saturday, July 13, 2013


Jake came to us when his owner could no longer keep him.    I've been in touch with her since he was adopted, and she is glad to know he is doing so well.     (Sometimes, we are able to let previous owners know how the dogs are doing-- we know sometimes, life is just hard for them.)
 Jake is doing great in his new home.
 He's happy and smiling.
He has two brothers adopted from us, Bruce and Harvey.
Jake was a happy puppy when he was younger...  
His owner shared pictures of him with his Peke brother, Tyler, when they were young.
Tyler has crossed the Rainbow Bridge-- wasn't he beautiful?
He and Jake were wonderful friends and Jake missed him.
Here was his family of dogs.
He gave Tyler loving--
In his new home, he has Peke buddies and I'm so glad.   He is a happy boy!    So glad we could help him find a new great home!   Thanks, Lisa!

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That is lovely Linda!