Saturday, June 19, 2010


Look at this face-- this is Amelia's shelter picture. Not too sure about what is going on in her life-- you can see it in her eyes. After being fostered at Beth and David's, she was adopted. She now has a Peke brother named Paddington Bear "Paddy." Look at his tongue sticking out. Pekes and their tongues-- they're just too long to fit!
Amelia has big expressive eyes and is so sweet. She loves everyone. And everyone loves her back.
She seems perfectly at home with her new family-- her new dad has already started to bond with Amelia and is impressed with Amelia's energy and the abundance of her kisses! Amelia does love to kiss!! Her new mom took a pic of her and Paddy snoozing in close proximity. They looked up to have their pix taken. She said Paddy always has that worried look, so don't be fooled -She said it's a trick he uses to worm cookies out of her. His tongue is out because he is very relaxed, he's not razzing Amelia! (You're so funny, Fiona!)
Did you say cookie? I think Amelia heard that!!
It was hard for her foster parents to let her go-- that's normal! We foster parents love our foster Pekes like they're our own. And letting them go can be hard-- but it's the ony way we can help the next one who needs our help. Amelia's new mom said we are the "bridge." I love that-- the bridge from a shelter to a loving home. I'm good with being a bridge. Some Pekes camp on the bridge a bit in the process, but most do move on. :-)
Amelia's new mom and dad love her so much already-- they say they'll keep us posted on her adventures, and we'll love that! They've kept me updated on Paddington, who they adopted over three years ago. I love hearing from our adoptive owners. It's makes my heart smile.
Amelia had a busy day-- I think she's snoozing.......
She sure is. And now-- AWAKE! That face just melts our hearts. Amelia slept all night her first night there and then woke her parents up with kisses. Her foster mom said, "Thanks for matching us with another wonderful pet. " It's our pleasure!!! THANK YOU for adopting them!
Here's a video of Amelia in front of the fan-- you have to turn sideways, because I can't figure out how to turn a youtube video. :-)
Click here: YouTube - ameliavideo.3g2


lady jicky said...

Lovely to see that Amelia has a great new home and I must say --- I love that Paddy Bear! He is a cutie :)

Fiona Ross said...

We love darling Amelia and Paddington Bear and all the good people at PVPC who give so much of their hearts to all the little Pekes. Thank you so much! xoxoxoxo

Karin said...

They are the cutest pair. Pekes seem to be so laid back and accepting of new family members. Unfortunately my poms are not like that:)

lady jicky said...

Karin , my Kenzo (Mltx shih tzu) is not like that either and yet Missy Moi my peke would gladly have another dog live here.
Kenzo is so jealous of Moi that I know we can not get another.
I would have MUCHO problems then sadly.

Jeanne said...


I'm so thrilled you and your husband adopted Amelia. I remember the day Linda and I went shopping with her. That was the day we got her out of the pound. She was the sweetest peke ever......she loved every one who came up to pet her. I don't think she has meet a stranger.
I hope she and Paddy Bear will become best buddies....