Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I wanted to let you all know that Anna, my very special foster Peke, was adopted!!! She came in with the missing jaw, in horrible, skinny condition. She blossomed and can eat fine. And she has such a beautiful personality. She now has her own forever home in Northern Virginia-- I'm SO GLAD. Anna deserved that so much. ++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++ +++++++
It's summertime, kids are out of school. Many of us don't have kids in school now, but I have grandchildren (the best in the world and one more on the way!!). The Lewis Ginter Center in Richmond is a place they could spend the day and never get bored. There is a glass show going on there right now.
My friend, and co-director, Jeanne, sent me these pictures. They are amazing.
I love this one-- I wonder if they ever fall in? You know, accidentally on a hot day.
I think this one is stunning!!! I'm looking for a glass Pekingese.
This one is amazing also!! Don't you want to run your fingers through it! Is that water coming down-- or is it all glass? I'm going to find out when I take my grandkids!!
This should like a glass space inspired model.
And one on a bike-- notice the robin helping.
Here it is at a distance.
There are beautiful flowers there, too.
Ones I've never seen.
What does this blog have to do with Pekingese?? Absolutely nothing-- other than my Peke friend, Jeanne, sent it to me. So, Pekes, you have to stay home. Like Starlight, kissing my granddaughter "Bitty Bit." I'm sure Starlight would love to go, but she would be her "terrible self" there and probably get us kicked out. So, she WILL stay home-- but I'll take "Bitty Bit" with me!! And "Lil' Bit" and "Drill Bit" and my friend, Jeanne of course!


Pekiegirl said...

Love the nicknames of your Grandkids! So happy about Anna!!

lady jicky said...

Enjoy your summer and that glass exhibition looks so interesting!

I don't think you would like to take my Kenzo either - it would be a Malt x shih tzu (not a bull ) in a china - shop!

I can hear the crashing of glass as I type! LOL