Sunday, June 27, 2010

Murphy in Ohio

This is Murphy in Ohio. I want to state the difference because we have a Murphy in our adopted group and he's just fine. Murphy in Ohio was in a shelter last year and was adopted. He is a little ten pound Peke-- and so cute!
He was returned to the shelter last month in a health crisis. He was walking in circles and the vet said he had some kind of head trauma. The rescue group taking care of him, FurEver Shih-Tzu Rescue in Ohio, spent a lot of money on him. He will always have the head trauma and be affected by it. HOWEVER, he is safe and has been adopted!! A woman met him and said she wanted him to live with her the rest of his life. He will have a wonderful life with her.
If you would like to make any donation to pay for the care he had, you can send it to: Furever Shih Tzu Rescue -- 4205 Fruitland Drive -- Parma, OH-44134-4528. But, don't worry about him-- he has his forever home now!!!


lady jicky said...

Poor old Murphy - what a shocking start he must have had but......

I am so happy to hear he is in a good and safe home and with a owner who can cope with his medical issues - he is sooooo well groomed .

Pretty boy, pretty boy!!!!

Emily said...

He is definitely well groomed! What a handsome little man!!

I would love to send pics of my two! Is there an email address?

Karin said...

I feel bad that they treated Murphy like he was disposable when he required medical help. He is soo adorable. God bless the woman who took him in despite his special needs.

Linda said...

Yes, send me pics and stories at I'd love to share your Pekes with the Must Love Pekes readers. :-)