Thursday, June 10, 2010


Look at this beauty. Her mom passed away and she went to live with family. They said she was 9 years old, but we're having a hard time believing she is that old. Her skin is great, and she is so sweet. She looks about 5! She climbed onto one of her foster friend's dog bed. She must be feeling right at home! We did do a dental on her, and she's doing fine.
She found a comfortable place to take a nap....
And here's a close-up. I'm going to Jeanne's (her foster mom) on Saturday, so I'm excited to meet her.
Look at this face-- I just want to kiss her!!
She follows her foster mom up and down stairs and just wants to be with "her person."
Coco loves belly rubs and being near you. She would do best in a home without children, as she is a very regal Peke and would like to be the main attraction in her home. We were told she was bought in China by her owner's husband. She is definitely a stunning Peke.
She is also great at posing for pictures.
I call this "fluffy butt." :-) She's just showing off! Showing us all her sides-- all of them gorgeous.
She has a beautiful little face-- she is just about perfect!
I know we won't have this little girl long!!! Coco, you're beautiful!
I thought you'd enjoy this video-- now this little one has manners!


lady jicky said...

What a beauty this lady is!

Mmmmm, I can see her going to a new home quickly too Linda!

Meghann said...

that is adorable how she eats her food!! what a pretty girl :)

Karin said...

She sure is exceptionally beautiful.
I laughed at the part about wanting to be the main attraction :)