Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm transporting today-- so if I don't post your comments right away, be patient. I'm picking up Maximus. He's two years old, VERY Sweet and needs to come into rescue. I'll have more information on him soon.
I can't wait to meet him!!
This is Rusty. He lives in Delhi, India. His owner reads the Must Love Pekes blog! WOW. She started writing me and telling me about her Peke. I wrote my Peke friend in Australia and now we have a Peke friend in India! Rusty, above, is beautiful-- this is his puppy picture. Just look at that face! You can see that Peke attitude already coming out. I just want to hug him!
I love the teeth-- such a Peke look. Yes, they do have that underbite!
Here he is with his Llasa Apso brother, Toto. They are both about 13 months old. You can tell they are great friends. I love their bed. Toto is the more "needy" of the two, but Rusty love to do his own thing. It's so funny how two dogs in the same family can be so different. It's the same here with mine!
They love the park-- here they are posing for a picture. Toto doesn't look thrilled to have to sit there, but Rusty is enjoying the attention.
And now he is being the STEALTH Peke. What is he looking for?
I'm not sure, but the flowers are really pretty!
Look at that beautiful boy! I'm so glad we have a Peke friend in India now!! WELCOME!!


lady jicky said...

Oooo , how wonderful Linda - a peke fan in India and what lovely dogs you have!

So - "Namasta" to you and your doggies in India from Moi Moi , Kenzo and me in Australia :)

I shall not mention cricket! LOL

Now I want to say that Maximus is very cute and I do hope he finds a great home real soon! Safe driving - You are a Peke angel Linda :)

cby said...

Safe travels to pick up Maximus. Your continued rescue efforts are amazing!

I am smiling this morning over coffee thinking about all the lives that are being connected with Must Love Pekes. Thank you so much!

Mp said...

Hello to Moi Moi, Kenzo and their mommy :-)
It's great to have peke's friend all over the world. We are like one big family spreading out all across the globe and it's wonderful!

Look at how beautiful Maximus is! I am glad he is in good hands now. Yes! Linda sure is a peke angel and we love her and all her crew :-)

Linda said...

Without Jeanne's help in Richmond, I couldn't have done this transport. Kris also was a huge help in making the first leg of the transport to Richmond (that's also in Virginia for our India and Australia links!!). Thank you Kris and Jeanne!!! I love our team!

Linda said...

Thank you Carey!! I'm home now and Maximus just got a bath-- he's going to the vet in a little bit. He is so sweet!! I love all the friends we have on Must Love Pekes! All over the world!! :-)

Jeanne said...


You need to tell everyone about Cocoa the Cocker.......and yet another great a sad beginning. I know.....we do Peke rescue.....what a Cocker???......I'm sure Linda will have a blog on him soon.....stay tuned...