Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CALEB, STARLIGHT AND THE SOCK This is interesting. I have seen these also used instead of e-collars after surgery.

There is nothing cuter than watching two Pekingese playing a game together. Caleb loves to play, but Starlight doesn't usually play with the others. She does her own thing. But, they played the other day, and it was so cute!!!
Look at this face-- Caleb has to be one of the cutest, most mischievous Pekes I've had/fostered. He loves to take your shoes, or a toy, or a sock, or whatever is lying around. We still can't find my daughter's sun glasses. (That will teach us to pick things up!) (UPDATE, WE FOUND THE SUNGLASSES, CALEB IS OFF THE HOOK. HAHA)
Starlight is cute, too. And they were both on the couch, both trying to be the sock boss.
Caleb doesn't have a mean bone in his body-- he is just in it for the play. Here's a video of them (the light isn't great, but it's still fun to watch).
Click here: YouTube - calebstarlightsock
Starlight is in charge.... for the moment.
Caleb says, "Mom, I want the sock to myself."
Starlight says, "No, I want it!" They're both so cute-- I'll just get another sock so they can both have one. :-)
Who can resist this face!!

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lady jicky said...

Hey Linda - is there a huge hole in that sock???

Well- Mr Kenzo took a sock off my dryer rack yesterday and chewed a HUGE hole in it!!!

Yep, my husband, Steve was not Impressed - it was HIS sock!!!