Monday, June 28, 2010

Gizmo and Cupcake

HERE'S AN UPDATE FROM THEIR NEW FAMILY: They are fitting in wonderfully. They did great on the ride home. Gizmo sat on the seat next to Nick, and Cupcake sat on the passenger seat where they both got plenty of petting. They have been having fun exploring, playing with the kids, and meeting the neighbors. We got them a large bed that they both fit in, and they love it! They follow us around the house (me especially for some reason) and love hindering my attempts to tie my shoes. We have discovered that Cupcake can jump very high. She managed to easily jump onto our bed this morning, and our bed is pretty high, 3ft. Gizmo, however, puts his paws up and grins at us until we pick him up. They are just the sweetest pair of dogs!
We received an email requesting help for these two adorable Pekes-- Gizmo and Cupcake. The family could no longer care for them. We hear this more and more-- so many people are out of work and just cannot afford food or medical for their dogs. I am so glad when these people contact rescue instead of taking them to a shelter. Don't get me wrong-- shelters provide a valuable service to dogs that are found as strays or whose owners can't take care of them. But, foster homes are so much better, since the dogs don't go into a crate/enclosure, but instead go to a home where they are treated like pets. Gizmo is a beautiful almost-2 year old. Look how well he can sit up-- I think a lot of Pekes must have square bottoms to be able to do this. :-)
Cupcake is a doll-baby. She is so sweet and loves everyone, just like her brother. Cupcake and Gizmo were litter-mates, so have always been together.
They both had surgery for neuter/spay and had really big blue cones on their heads to keep them from licking their stitches. But, since they didn't really try to bother their stitches, we were able to take these off. Some dogs will go after their stitches and these e-collars are critical. If stitches are opened up by licking or chewing, a second surgery can be necessary.
In spite of being in some discomfort, these two were still so sweet and giving kisses.
And smiling!
Gizmo has the biggest tongue-- so he can give giant kisses!
See, there it is.
He has such incredibly beautiful markings!! A new one we just got, Maximus (see a blog soon) has beautiful dark markings, too. It looks like they got low-lights and high-lights! Women would pay big bucks for these color!
Gizmo and Cupcake were adopted to a wonderful family TOGETHER!! We rarely are able to keep pairs together, but it happened this time. We're so glad!
Now, if you want a good chuckle, just watch this! Click here: YouTube - Family dog plays tag with baby.flv


lady jicky said...

I am so glad those two were adopted together! Wonderful.

cby said...

Back to back "one kleenex box" blogs. Another happy ending Fairy "Tail" at PVPC rescue!

Way to go, Linda and Jeanne! Congratulations everybody!! At the rate you two are going, "one at a time" is "double time!" HURRAY!!!!!!!

Karin said...

Gizmo and Cupcake are precious! I'm glad too, that there is more awareness about the availability of rescues as an option rather than shelters.