Sunday, June 6, 2010


Remember Pepper? I took him out of a shelter in May. (see May 15 blog)

He came to my house and was a great little boy. Just about 1-2 years old. He was on the bed with me for a little while-- with Starlight behind him.

He was very comfortable up there!

We rode in the car to Richmond-- he'd rather sit on the seat without a crate! We were going to meet his new mom and dad.

We arrived at Jeanne's-- and her beautiful garden!

Pepper found a lap to sit in. And there's that tongue again!

Now, there's the smile.

He doesn't sit for long-- he's off to find Hanna. He's in LOVE with Hanna.

He'll check out the yard.

I think he's looking for Hanna== where did she go?

Is she in the Koi pond? No-- I sure hope not!

Near the flowers? No.

This garden is so pretty--

Is Hanna with Jill, and Amy, and Didi? That's George's tail-- I can tell!

There she is! He found her! She was hiding in the shrubs.

Yes, George, we see you, too. George is the patriarch here and keeps the new fosters in line.

There's Hanna again-- did you lose her Pepper??

She's not with Jill and Didi here either.

Now Ty is in the picture. But, he's no competition-- he's just interested in sniffing around the garden.

I know you love her, Pepper. Here's a video to show it: Click here: YouTube - pepperHanna

Now Pepper has been adopted-- here's a note from his new mom:

"Pepper had a grand run around the back yard yesterday and is increasingly interested in his toys. We're getting him used to the idea of chasing a toy and bringing it back. At treat time, I'm working on teaching him to sit while waiting for the treat, and we have to make sure poor Hugo eats his (he doesn't always) to avoid a kerfuffle. Will try to expand the "sit" command to dinnertime once he gets it for the treats.
We had a walk around the neighborhood, and you weren't kidding when you said he loved the walks and leaps and bounds like a dolphin. I'm going to try to introduce a bit of leash etiquette slowly. . . " Now Pepper has a new name: WINSTON! He is so happy in his new home-- and so loved!


lady jicky said...

so great to hear this little one has a lovely new home!

Karin said...

I'm happy for Winston! Sounds like he's a very adaptable, happy little guy, and thankfully he found a very loving home.