Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I wanted to include a picture of Darby (adopted from PVPC) and her summer cut. Darby even sent me a letter!
"Happy Summer Mrs. Linda - It's Darby- sorry its been a while but my mom hasn't been feeling well and its been my life's mission to take care of her. She said I did a great job - I did get in trouble once though by my dad, he tried to take me outside and I didn't want to leave my mom and I let him know it. Its 'all okay now. Mom is feeling better and I have my summer haircut - how do you like it? It's hard being me - but I am just so glad to be here - thanks always for helping me to get to my forever home.
Love Darby" You're so cute, Darby! Thank you for sharing your picture. Give you mom a hug and I'm so glad she is feeling better!!
I have an update on Coco, who was adopted several months ago. She came into rescue last fall. She loves the snow-- but it's better inside and she's waiting to come in.
Her new dad loves her so much. Her parents say she is perfect for them!
She is such a loving dog-- and loves to be all wrapped up and loved on. I love when one of our fosters gets a good home.
Can you tell she's perfectly at home! :-)


lady jicky said...

Darby's new "do" looks Coooooool !

I adore that last photo of Coco - now that is one safe and happy Peke! :)

Karin said...

Those pictures really capture how happy she is with her new family. The last two pictures are especially cute!