Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We have had really hot temperatures in Virginia lately. The heat index (temperature and humidity) have been close or over 100 degrees. The Peke above is shocked that we have temperatures this high!

Flat-faced dogs have a lot of trouble with this kind of heat. Janey above has a little more nose than some Pekes, but she still cannot be out in the heat and breathe well.

We sat out at Jeanne's several weeks ago and put a big floor fan to cool off the dogs-- and humans, too! I love Missy's ears!! Talk about "blowing in the wind!"

Inside in an air-conditioned environment is a must for these dogs. They will go into heat related health problems very quickly. Ty-Ty and Scooter are enjoying the tile floor, too-- well Scooter is. Ty-Ty is in one of the ever-present pink beds. If you travel, a covered ice pack is a good idea in the car. Some Pekes are fine, but those with small nose openings (stenotic nares) have more trouble coping with the heat.

Maximus, a new foster dog, had a short walk outside. Then, he went inside and sat on the air conditioner vent. y daughter's Shepherd mix, Pi-Pi, doesn't mind the heat a bit.

Jill doesn't mind it either since her nose/face is not flat. But, she'd still prefer the cool floor inside.

Maximus prefers inside on an air-conditioner vent. One friend said they couldn't figure out why one room was so warm-- then they realized that there was a dog on every vent in the room!

Now here is a solution to the heat for this Bulldog. Just lay on a bed of ice!! This works short-term. INSIDE is better!

Maxwell, one of our California Pekes, has found a cool spot on the bed. Yes, I think he is very comfortable!! Where do your Pekes like to be when it's hot!?"
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Pekiegirl said...

My Shamisen likes to lay on the air conditioner vents, especially after coming in from outside, or after a hard play time with Yoshi. Yoshi, on the other hand, loves to lay in the stone driveway until he can't take in anymore, them he want's to come in.

lady jicky said...

My dogs have always loved to be inside . I had a cairn terrier who would dig a hole in the ground (shady part of garden) and sleep in it.

I like to wet a towel and let my dogs lounge on that too.

Its freezing here by the way!!! Only going to be 4c tonight!

Tracey said...

My poor Peke Macy was so hot she laid on the air conditioner vent. Of course when she got up the tag on her collar had twisted and gotten stuck in the vent. Thank goodness I was home. She was "screaming" like a baby! She isn't wearing a collar for the moment. not sure how to solve that problem! She is microchipped.

Mp said...

Look at scooterbug's face! He Surely is enjoying himself!
We stay indoors during summer, inside an air conditioned room. But Rusty prefers to sleep on the bathroom floor and will snore like a man haha.He also likes to sit right in front of the air cooler and blow himself up. Toto on the other hand will wet his paws in the bathroom, comes back with very wet legs and sleep on the bed, never leave the bed; be it summer or winter :-)

Emily said...

Newman and Drizzle seem to forget they are in Arizona! I have to pick them up and bring them in, lol!

Karin said...

That's really funny about the house getting warm because there was a dog on every vent:) I enjoyed the bulldog on the ice photo.
We don't have air-conditioning, but Ozzie sprawls out on the linoleum like a frog, Sisqo lies on his back, and Mocha doesn't have much fur left (an elderly pomeranian thing), so he doesn't seem too uncomfortable.

Poor Macy, it's so traumatic for them.
Ozzie once got his tags stuck in one of those elevated dish-holders while eating and panicked, throwing the water and food throughout the livingroom before I could get to him. One more thing to add to his list of phobias...