Tuesday, September 6, 2016


 Bennett was adopted three years ago -- can it be that long!   I still love his face!
 He has big dogs in his family and they all get along so well.
 When Allie came into rescue in March, she was a tiny thing!   And Bennett's mom contacted us right away to see if she could join the family.
 There is a big size difference between Allie and Bennett.  
 Allie may be small, but she's BIG in personality and thinks she can be the boss. (I call this "little dog syndrome!")
 When you're small, you have to become a groundhog or a meercat just to see out the door.
 Yes, if she looks straight ahead, she will just see the door haha.
 She has done so well and is very loved.
Bennett and Allie are great friends!  So glad they are in the same family!

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LadyJicky said...

Oh they are all so sweet .... I especially love that pose on her back legs. I have never had a Peke that would do this - cute!