Thursday, September 1, 2016


 Jeanne is in a huge battle, fighting cancer.   Keep the encouragement coming.    Here are some who are loving her right now.    Baby says, we need you!
 Macy Bowry says this to cancer-- just stick out your tongue at it!
 Trixie Reside isn't a Peke, but she's behind you!
 Chewy, Milo and Pookie want you to get better.
 Sunny/Snookie is rooting you on!  
 Lucas and...
 Pearl want to encourage you!
 Toby and Faith want you to know they care.  Things may seem upside down, but there is hope.
 Twinkie will even share toys with you if that will help.
 Paisley, Lilly and Mr. Darcey say, "you're too special to have this, so FIGHT!"
 Hallie and Perdita love you.
 Vanessa's Peke pack says they are there for you.
 Marf Chasan-Young says his mom and dad are close by if you need them!
 The Hafer pack loves you-- Rusty in the middle is a PVPC alumni.
 Kiki and Pinky love you.
 Of course, all of Ida's pack are there and ready to help.
 Waddles says, "I love you, Mama Jeanne!"
 Arby (Bristol 18) owes her life to you and she loves you.
 Gizzy and Doolin are praying for you to get better.
 Sophie loves all you have done to help the Pekes and wants you to do it for a long time.
 Gus-- part of your heart lives in New York!
 Gatsby/Triple adores you.
 Of course, my Peke Pack are all rescues who were saved because of our rescue-- they so "Go Jeanne!!"
 And Kai Kai wants you to know that even though you can't see the road ahead, there can be great things coming.   Just keep the faith-- Kai Kai has so much love and has continued his journey and you have SO MANY who love you and are also there for you.
We all love you, Jeanne-- we are there for you when you will be tired, down, sick.   Let us help and care-- it's what friends are for.


LadyJicky said...

Jeanne ..... Melinda and Coco are behind you too!

Hugs , Kisses and Super Aussie Prayers are coming your way right now!!!!!!!!!

Sherry Ruddy said...

Beautiful! Sending big hugs to Jeanne !

Sherry Ruddy said...

Hugs, and Prayers and more hugs, Jeanne 💖

Lost Earring said...

Jeanne, my gang from other rescue groups are joining in to say we all love you,watching out for you , have your back and are by your side as you fight this battle.