Thursday, September 29, 2016


 A dear friend of mine does Dachshund rescue.  Like us, they still like to help others if they can.
 Little Mulan-- Mumu-- needed help.   Her mom went into a nursing home and a rescuer from Dachshund rescue took her in.  
 Mumu has some allergies, and needs medication sometimes to help.   This has been a rough year for allergies for dogs and people.   This is not an unusual situation.  (I have two allergy dogs here-- it's not hard to manage.)
 When Mumu came to her foster home, she acted like an old lady-- she had not been exposed to a normal life.  But, she soon became the four year old Peke she was meant to be.   She loves to play with other dogs-- she definitely wants a playmate.
 Playmates are the best!  Mumu loves car rides, sleeping on the bed with you, being brushed and loved on.
Mumu is in S.C., near the Asheville, NC area (about an hour south).   She is not with out rescue, but we want her to find her forever home.  If you are interested in her, email me directly at   I will direct your emails on to Mumu's foster mom.   Please include as much information in your email as possible.  This little girl needs a great home!


LadyJicky said...

Oh she is a sweet little Peke ..... I am sure Mumu will find a home .... I am doing my Adoption Dance as I type !!!

Roxanne said...

Thank you. We appreciate your good karma she deserves her own home.

rvbunz said...

She is beautiful. We will take her. We lost our little Bella in April, and she had allergies, so we know what it's like to care for a pup with allergies.