Monday, September 12, 2016


 Freddie "Fred Leaf" brings happiness to so many with his pictures and his very own company that sends pure joy to people and their dogs.  
 I'm sure he takes the orders himself and helps with the packing.
 He's a beautiful boy and here he is relaxing in a bed of toys.  
 He is good friends to so many.
 I love the hats they are wearing!
 This one is adorable!!
 Freddie wrote a note on Jeanne's facebook page.   He wants people to know how much he loves her.
 He wants her to get well and here's what he is going to do.   He wrote this:

"Sometimes, life is unfair. It seems to rain the hardest on people who deserve the sun. In our life we were blessed to come across a wondrous, selfless soul who is fighting a battle with something of unscrupulous malevolence. We at Freddie's Finds were struck, breathless. There are so many obstacles she will be facing in the upcoming months. We hoped, in small part, we could help alleviate some financial matters. From now until October 5th the proceeds from the October orders of Freddie's Finds will go towards showing Jeanne Powers Reeves that her benevolent acts and giant heart are seen and that we appreciate and stand in strength by her side.
If you are a current subscriber, we will be making a donation based on your current
We will be publishing any well wishes you want Jeanne to see, just add it to the note column when you order.
 Freddie would turn upside down for Jeanne.  
He is doing all he can to help her!  He brings so many smiles and we want to see that for Jeanne.


LadyJicky said...

I am with Freddie ... lots of love to Jeanne!!!!!!

LadyJicky said...

Oh that Freddie is so cute!

Toni Davis said...

What a wonderful thing Freddie and his family is doing. Muah!

Sherry Ruddy said...

Freddie is amazing, and Jeanne is too!

barbara klickstein said...

It is an amazing and truly thoughtful thing Freddie and his family are doing. I wish I could have afforded to keep up my subscription. But if you cant subscribe to Freddie finds, a small thing you can do to help is any time you use Amazon for any purchases, big or small, make sure to go through the Amazon Smile page. You can add Potomac Valley Peke rescue to your charity and a portion of your purchase price will be donated. I know its not a lot but if everyone who buys from Amazon does this, it can add up.

Prayers and healing thoughts.