Tuesday, September 13, 2016


 Bentley came into rescue with his brother.   They have both settled into their foster homes nicely. (Sometimes, we keep siblings together, but these two did not have to remain together.)
 Bentley's foster mom, Sherry (she also has Joyful Grace, Rudy and Norton), sent me more information about him and I just had to share it with you.  
"Bentley is a precocious, toy-loving, active Peke! From day one, he’s fit right into my pack of seniors, even though he is only seven years old. He is house trained, has a great appetite, does NOT chase or bother my cat and is a true lap dog.
 He does love to get into trash cans…just like his brother, Bradley. So, I have had to set the kitchen trash can up out of his reach. I’ve had to do this with my other Big Bentley so, for me, it’s déjà vu.
 Bentley LOVES to play with toys. Since I brought out the toy basket, he has not been without one. He takes a toy with him everywhere he goes…..even when he goes outside. When I settle in for the evening, he jumps up beside me and sleeps up against me. The same is true when I put him on the bed at night. He is quite the snorer but is just the cutest thing when he sleeps.
 He’s very healthy, had a great dental with no extractions and has a beautiful coat! His coat is an off-white with crème highlights. He is quite easy to brush and bathe.
 This young man would be a loving companion to some lucky adoptive parent."
 Bentley is ready for his forever home, but he's enjoying his stay with Sherry and her dogs-- and cat, Daisy. :-)
 I think he's taken over the toy basket!   Maybe he just could not decide which one to play with.
If you are interested in Bentley, please fill out our on line application for him at:  Click here: Online Application adopt - Potomac Valley Pekingese Club
Linda Maxwell/blog author


LadyJicky said...

Oh that Bentley is a joy to behold! I love to read that a pekingese adores toys. I have never had a dog that loves toys and I have had many dogs over the years!

Whoever adopts Bentley is getting just the BEST pekingese around. I am doing my dance for you right now Bentley!!!

Lost Earring said...

We have three toy lovers with two of them being toy lovers to the point they carry a toy just about everywhere including their bathroom trips outside. Bandi, our shy guy takes a toy out and always runs back to get it before coming inside. Mercer Meyer on the other hand takes one out with him but never brings it back in so our back yard resembles an explosion at a stuffed toy factory.

I love Bentley's story and his adaption to a house full of seniors plus a cat. The world could learn a valuable lesson from Bentley. I also loved the mention of Joyful Grace and the other Furs that we all love as if they're our own.