Saturday, September 24, 2016


 McKenzie came into rescue two years ago.
 His owner turned him in because he had bladder stones and she could not afford surgery.  
 We were told that he was about 12 or 13, and the xrays showed his bladder and urethra were FULL of stones.    He was in pain and surgery was performed by Lucinda, our Roanoke vet Click here: Home | Veterinarian | Animal Hospital | Roanoke.
 He needed a dental also, and that was done and then he was ready to go to a home.
 He had been loved a lot, and was a nice boy.  His owners told us he was a very sweet boy and they were right.  I know giving them up was very difficult.
 He went to live in a home in Roanoke and was loved there so much, too.
 He may have had a "frosted face" but he still had so much love to give.   Older dogs may not have as many years left, but they have immense love to give.
He was loved over two years when he began to have severe neurological issues.   He was very wobbly and then lost use of all his legs.  It was time to say farewell.   Run free now, sweet boy.  Find out other PVPC alumni to play with and keep you company.   You will be missed!


Laurie L. Bennetti-Cannizzaro said...

R.I.P. sweet McKenzie

Pamela Bruce said...

So sorry for your loss! Run healthy and free, sweetie!!!

LadyJicky said...

What a sweet old man he was and so glad you gave him a few pain free years. I know that cute face will be so missed.