Tuesday, September 27, 2016


 Leila belongs to my friend, Charlie.   We met years ago when he applied to adopt two of our "foster" dogs.   They weren't actually with us, but I was facilitating finding them a home.   He adopted them both and gave them an incredible life.    He also adopted a sweet Peke named Tigger, who had lost his eyes due to neglect.   Charlie gave him an incredible life, and Tigger, even with no sight, loved to lead the gang on his walks.   All three have gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but Leila is now 13 and doing fine.
 Charlie came to the picnic last year, and fell in love with our foster, LuluBea.  
 LuluBea had come to us after her dad lost his home and he could no longer take care of her.   She had been loved though and her only real problem was she'd had a few too many treats. :-)
 Leila welcomed LuluBea to her home.   They became buddies.
 Leila shared the winter with her and showed her what real snow was all about!  Nothing like our Virginia winters.
Charlie just sent me this sweet picture of them both-- still good friends and sitting close together.   I love happy adoption stories.  They make me smile and I'm so glad that rescue helped to bring them together.

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LadyJicky said...

I was smiling too Linda !
Leila and Lulubea are having a wonderful life with Charlie .... I wonder if he would adopt me??? LOL

Mind you .... that snow - toooo cold for this Aussie!! :)