Sunday, September 4, 2016


 Six years ago, Beach Bit showed up almost seven weeks early.  
 He was a little five pounder, and he did amazingly well for being so early.
 He had a pout early on.
 He met Pekingese very early-- they were going to be around for sure!!  (Cranberry and Scooterbug were ours-- they are both gone now over the Rainbow Bridge, but new ones have come.)
 His Daddy adored him.
 We took pictures of his funny faces.
 Starlight loved all the baby things.  
 She thought they were all for her.
 We thought we should give him driving lessons early on.
 We had to get a second baby seat so Starlight wouldn't get in with him.
 Beach Bit loved to be outside.    His first swing!
 He and his cousin, Drill Bit, began a friendship that continues on-- these two have so much fun together.
 His mom loves his so much.
 He grew and celebrated birthdays.
 He loves boots!
 He loves to help!   He has a very giving nature.
 He has great friends!
 Last year, he got a little sister-- Sugar Bit!
 He loves going to the farm-- his Bit cousins are there.
 He has a new best friend-- for life!    These two have so much fun.
 Beach Bit loves Saturday mornings at our house.  He and Poppy usually make pancakes.  (Beach Bit lives across the street, so it's easy to come over.)
 It's even better if the other Bits are here!
 Beach Bit and his mom went on vacation with us this year-- in fact, the entire family did!
 I can't believe he is six years old and ready to begin kindergarten on Tuesday.  
Happy Birthday, Beach Bit!!  We love you!

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LadyJicky said...

Happy Birthday Beach Bit and .... Happy Fathers Day here in Australia :)