Wednesday, September 28, 2016


 Daisy came into rescue a year ago last July.  
She was only 9 years old, but had not even been given minimal medical care-- her eyes were in such bad shape (even lubricating drops would have made a huge difference) and her teeth were awful.   
 Having bad "mouth" can lead to heart disease and so many avoid having dentals, which are so necessary.   We did all the medical that Daisy needed, but we couldn't fix some problems-- like heart issues.  
 She was a very sweet girl and we saw a long life in front of her.
 She was fostered by Sherry, along with her sister, Roxy (who was adopted by another person).
 At our picnic last year, one of our Peke friends wanted to adopt a senior and she adopted Daisy.   Daisy had acupuncture to help her mobility and meds to help her heart.
 Debbie, sitting with Daisy, and little Ming on the ground, had to say good-bye to Daisy yesterday.   Daisy had begun to have a massive number of seizures.   Medication was begun, but it had no effect.   The diagnosis was a brain tumor.    At only ten years old, Daisy has gone on to be with the others who have been loved and are now at the Rainbow Bridge.
Run free now, sweet girl.   Your mom will miss you so much.


Anna Saar said...

Rest in Peace Sweet Little Girl -- you were so very much loved!

LadyJicky said...

I am so sorry to hear this . What a great person Debbie is and I know she will miss her Daisy.

Unknown said...

Bless your heart, sweet little Angel❤

Unknown said... sad but sounds she had awesome last year! Thx for sharing! ♡♡♡

Unknown said...

Awe sad but thank you for giving her such a loving retirement.Daisy had her blessings with you.