Monday, September 19, 2016


 Kai Kai is eleven and since he lost his eyes last spring, he doesn't move around as much as he used to.
 He loves being near me, or just napping.  
 Sometimes, he wears his halo to keep him from bumping into things.   (It's a little high, we have lowered it to help him more.)
 He is still my sweet boy.
 Sugar Bit is usually going 100 mph!   She pours mulch on herself.  She unloads cabinets if given the chance.   She loves to climb stairs and has no idea why I put those baby gates there!
 Standing on tables is great fun!  
 And driving her car is a way to visit new places (she can't go far thank goodness!).
 But, there are times when Sugar Bit just wants to sit by Kai Kai.
 She wants to see how he's doing.
 She wants to rub his back.
 And rub his ears.
 She just wants to hug him sometimes!
 And give him comfort.  
 She leans in to get closer.
 He's so good, but I'm still careful.   Dogs and kids are great-- but we have to be cautious, which I am.
Sugar Bit lives with dogs, and or course, I have dogs.  Her aunt has dogs-- so they are normal in her life.   Abundantly normal!!   We love our Bits and our dogs!  Sugar Bit has been raised to love them, too.

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LadyJicky said...

Now .... those two are Great Mates!!!