Saturday, April 25, 2015


We are getting ready for the picnic!    People are letting me know they will be bringing things to sell at our silent auction.   The beautiful little box holds a small figurine on top.   And the little Pekingese salt and pepper shakers and a beautiful picture of Peggy's heart dog are sure to be irresistible items.   I have some small items to sell also, so be sure to come, ready to add some special things to your collection.   
Our picnic is coming up on May 16-- Desi sent me an email to let me know there will be a Desi's Boutique there.   There will be an assortment of dog fashion accessories to buy.    Her mom is going to try to make some extras because we know it will be a favorite!    Lexie has already told me that she wants me to pick some things up for her.   There will be necklaces, ties, stretch collars flower accents (one of her favorite items to really pull an outfit together). Most items $ 3-5.   The fancy hats will be a little more.    I hope you are planning to come to the picnic!!   See you there!   RSVP to  or on this blog. :-)
 Here are some more items that will be at the Silent Auction.  A home-made quilt by Eve.
... a book to help you be a better dog owner.
 I love this one--- most of us are the ones who were rescued.
 I love this, too.    Yes, we have a few rotten Pekes here. :-)
Be sure to bid on the items at the picnic!    All the money will go to our foster dogs' medical care.    

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lady jicky said...

I just know you are all going to have a wonderful Pekingese Picnic day!!!