Sunday, April 12, 2015


 One of my friend's dog passed away yesterday.   Gnogi was a Corgi, but he thought he was a Pekingese.
 He was Arby's best friend.  Arby was adopted from us and was part of the Bristol 18 rescue.   Arby always watched out for Gnogi and even alerted her dad when Gnogi was caught up in the fringe of an afghan.   She was such a good sister to him.
 His other sister is Lady Snaps.   She was also a rescue-- so this house full of rescues is dear to my heart.
Gnogi will be missed by his siblings and his parents.   Gnogi was diabetic, but he was beginning to spin all the time, an indication he had a fast growing brain tumor.    With great sadness, his parents let him go gently.   He is now with his brother, Gizmo and Gizmo and Gnogi will wait patiently (and in no hurry) to see their family again.   Run free now, little one!


nana said...

Run fast! Fly free! And store up those kisses for your family! My prayers are with them.....

lady jicky said...

I am so sorry for your loss !!!!