Tuesday, April 14, 2015


 People have been asking how Lexie is doing.   She is going to see Dr. Berdoulay today (internist in Virginia Beach) to see how her levels are.  I hope we can try to reduce some of her medications.
 The past month has been a challenge.    She has not eaten as well, been very picky about what she does eat.   She began to lose weight and it scared me.    Getting her meds into her has been a challenge.
 But, she has suddenly made a turn for the better.   (She is getting lost in my grass-- it was just cut a week ago!   I don't know what my husband planted, but it has taken off!)
 IMHA/Hemolytic Anemia is like that.    It has peaks and valleys and the pet can do fine, then crash, want to eat, then not want to eat.    Blood levels can change quickly, so this disease has to be monitored carefully.   I check her tongue/gum color often-- that shows how her red blood count is doing.   I've also learned to give her B-12 shots every week.  She is so good!
 But, right now,  she is taking her meds again, she is eating again.    And she is headed to the stone Pekingese pathway where there is no grass!   (It's being cut today.)
 There she is!
 I'll post an update later today on what the vet says about her.   She is beating the odds right now, still taking a lot of meds, but a sweet gentle girl.    Thank you to all who have helped with her care-- I really appreciate it!


lady jicky said...

I am so glad to read that Lexie is doing well .... you know .. "well" for her! Great she is eating!!!

Coffee With Merle Torpitude: Chris O'Connell Chats With Merle About Music, Life, and That Other Important Thing. said...

For a pet to find its way to a loving and caring home and family sometimes seems an unlikely outcome. Lexie won the lottery with you! If these are her "Golden Years" because of her illness, she could not be in better hands. Thank you for doing everything possible to keep her comfortable and safe and as healthy as she can be. Her beauty shines through, and you are the reason.

Mysticchyna said...

try getting some liverwurst, that worked for my pug for getting meds in