Thursday, April 2, 2015


 Mulan came into our rescue in 2013.  A shelter contacted us and asked if we would help a Peke in their shelter.
 We agreed, of course.    
 When we got her, we realized she was a mix-- but she still needed our help.
 She was not a youngster, but we hoped she would have a long life of love.
 She had about a year and a half of love-- first with her foster mom, Liza, and her family.
 She was adopted last fall and it was to a family who loved the special ones.   We just wish they could have had her longer.    Sadly, Mulan was diagnosed with cancer and died after a few days in the hospital.
Thank you to Liza and her husband, and to Mulan's new parents who loved her so much.    You are free now, little one.   Run free, see everything, hear the music.   We all love you.

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lady jicky said...

Oh I am so sorry to read this.

What a pretty one she was.