Saturday, April 18, 2015


 Peanut Doodle's mom asked me the other day how I chose who to do blogs on.   No reason-- I just do them.   The funny thing was that I was already planning to do one on their family. :-)
 Ziggy grabs my heart everytime I see him.   I just love his lopsided mouth and his laid back attitude.
 Daisy  is a big part of the family-- emphasis on big. :-)
 Ziggy keeps an eye on her even though Daisy doesn't know it.  I see you Ziggy!!
 I think Daisy puts up with a lot-- do you agree?
 Chloe is a beauty-- look at her tiny mouth.  
 Boo has found some sunshine.   It's funny how dogs can find that patch of sunlight and plop right down in the middle of it.
 Belle is the latest to join the family.    She had eye surgery and is showing some signs of dimentia.   But, you know me, I love these seniors.   There is something about giving an older one a forever home-- no matter how long or short it is.
 Are you still watching them, Ziggy.
This is one happy doggy family.    Chloe, Ziggy, Peanut and Boo are posing.  I'm sure the rest are near-by.    I haven't met this family in person-- they are the opposite coast from me-- but facebook allows us to be friends with so many wonderful people and Pekes/dogs.   I'm glad I know your family!!


lady jicky said...

I am a bit confused .... are there 7 doggies in that family Linda ?

I love those seniors too!!!

Toni Davis said...

Ohhh, so excited to see PD and his family! I love me some Peanut Doodle and his adventures and the adventures of his siblings. I look forward every day to the next chapter! They are such a sweet family!