Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I was asked for an update on Seminole and Hurricane.  I know they are not a bit worried about tax day-- some of you might be, but not these guys.
Everyone knows which one is Seminole-- oh, those teeth!
He is the sweetest boy, just like his brother.
Can I kiss your face?
They had a good vet visit, and they are both doing much better.    Seminole stays on special food for his sensitive stomach and hasn't had a problem with the pancreatitis since January.   Hurricane stays on a bladder diet to keep him healthy.  
These two have the calmest, most easy going temperaments.   They are just sweet.
Hurricane looks so much like his brother, but no huge underbite.
They were ready to head home!    I'm so glad they are both doing so well now-- and they do enjoy the warm weather that has showed up!   Just like the rest of us!

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lady jicky said...

Oh they are just so cute and I am glad to read their health is good !