Friday, April 17, 2015


 Hi Miss Linda,
I am sharing the pictures Momma took of me. Aren't  I pretty. :) Momma took me to the garden store. There were so many pretty flowers. And sooooo many people. 
 I had my picture taken by so many was rather exhausting.
The best part was... Haha that Mr. Winks had to stay home. This was girls day. :) I loved it. I got to see the goats, and the llamas.
 So many people wanted to pet me and they just thought I was so cute. We went to ACE hardware too looking at herbs. Mom is obsessed with herbs. Then we went to the pet barn, we're mom gets all of our food. They just were all so excited to see me. More pictures..
I am so tired ...all this work over flowers. :)

Big hugs....and a special one to little Lexie, 

Miss Lacy, skittles beans.....

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lady jicky said...

I would take her photo too!

Very pretty :)