Wednesday, April 22, 2015


 Maddie came into rescue in June, 2008.   Has it been that long ago??
 She was part of a court case for animal neglect/abuse.   She had to remain in the shelter for 3 months until our volunteer could get her.   Yes, we thought she was a Peke-- she's a mix and adorable.   The rescue committee said she was just too sweet to leave there.
 Once we got her, she showed what a precious girl she was.   Her mom has stayed in touch and look at her now!   Do you think she's spoiled??
 I can't believe she keeps her sunglasses on.    She a great girl!
 She loved seeing Santa and I'm sure she got everything she asked for.
 She loves to dress up and go places where she can make people smile.    Her parents absolutely adore this little girl.  
 I wonder how many pairs of sunglasses she has?    She is just too cute!
She gets to ride in a golf cart and watch the sunset.    She loves her home and her parents-- it couldn't get any better!!


lady jicky said...

Hey ..... don't show Desi ... she will be wanting those sunnies too!

* "Sunnies" are slang for sunglasses :)

Toni Davis said...

She sure found a great home! Wonder if they would like to adopt a 67 yr old :)