Friday, April 24, 2015


Tucker's family needed help-- and last month Tucker went to visit with Kay and Claretta and their crew.    Tucker is back home now, happy and doing great.    (Here he is with his human sister.)
 He was in rescue in 2006, and is now about 14.    He has one eye now, but he is still precious.
 Tucker had a sleep over camp with Pekes and a Dobie.  What an adventure!
 Every good camp provides the opportunity to make new friends.  After outdoor play Beau, Teddy, Tucker and Maggie had nap time.
 Tucker found a spot in the sunshine for some quiet time.
 Unfortunately, he discovered the camp pool had shampoo in it.  
 Gardening was a favorite outdoor activity.  
 Before he knew it, it was time to get cleaned up to go home. (Oh, look at that little bit of tongue there!)
Tucker supervised packing and then camp time was over and he was reunited with his human sister.   Thank you to Kay and Claretta and their crew for giving this wonderful and loving adventure to Tucker.    We know he had a wonderful time!

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lady jicky said...

You know Linda ... that Tucker is just so cute!