Friday, April 15, 2016


 Fufa-- now Allie-- came into rescue as an owner surrender.  She was a tiny one at only 9.1 pounds!  
 Bennett came into rescue as a puppy with his brother, Baxter (now Lieutenant or Lt.).   I think he was bigger than 9 pounds as a puppy! ;-)
 We couldn't resist this sweet face and neither could their new mom!
 Even though there is a huge size difference-- like twice!-- these two have become best buddies.
 Allie likes the other, bigger dogs who live there, too.    They are very careful with her.
 Allie can sit up like a meerkat or a ground hog-- maybe it just gives her a higher view.  
 She loves to look outside, whether it's with Candle, the bigger dog, or Bennett, her Peke brother.
And after a long day of playing, and having fun, or sometimes in the middle of the day, Allie finds a safe spot and takes a nap.   Her kids will be home from school in the afternoon, so she has to reserve some energy for them!   We're so glad you both got a wonderful home!

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lady jicky said...

The three dogs are just so cute and I love that Meerkat !!!