Monday, April 4, 2016


 Beau and Pop (Lolli-Pop) came into rescue four years ago.  It doesn't seem that long ago that I went to the shelter to pick up this sweet pair who were found wandering together.  
 They loved riding in the car and it was obvious they were very bonded.
 Pop was so sweet and was missing an eye-- or so we thought.   Later, once she was adopted, it was discovered that her eye was in there-- just "pushed" way back by some trauma.   It was removed and she did great.
 Beau was timid and Pop was outgoing-- definitely in charge!  They went to a foster home and after they had been there awhile, I received an email from their foster moms.  They wanted to keep this wonderful pair.   And it wasn't because they had been in the foster home for months.   They said, "We're adopting because we love them to pieces and they love being here.  We have a happy home and they are part of that happiness."   There can't be a better reason!
 Beau is their velcro dog, and a sweet, loving boy.  He's beautiful, too!
We don't know when they were born, so their moms gave them a birthday based on what we thought their age was.   In February, they celebrated their 9th birthday!   Are they cute or what?!   I love this pair.   They have an wonderful, loving home now-- what a blessing!


lady jicky said...

They sure are CUTE and I would have kept them too :)
Happy Birthday to Pop and Beau ( Nine in Feb. ! )

Anna Saar said...

What a wonderful story! I send much love to Pop and Beau -- they are lucky to have found such a loving home, and their parents are lucky to be blessed with such an adorable duo! xoxo