Sunday, April 3, 2016


 My Kai Kai just had cataract surgery.    I noticed in the last year that he was getting a cataract in his left eye.   He was beginning to get grumpy when other dogs walked past him, and I realized his vision was worse.   We went to the vet and were referred the the opthalmologist.  Kai Kai had a large cataract in one eye with a 90% loss of vision in that eye.   The right eye had a small cataract, with about a 50% loss of vision.    Our area is so lucky to have one within a few miles.    Many of our foster dogs have gone there.    
My grandbit Bitty Bit, looks as thrilled as Kai Kai to be going to the clinic.   It turned out that Kai Kai's cataracts had progressed rapidly and to save his eyes from scarring and from the loss of sight, he needed surgery quickly.  
 After surgery, he squinted a lot, but the day-after recheck showed that his eye pressure was good.   He returns Monday morning for his second recheck.
 When I can't watch him, he stays in one of the playpens.   I  have a pasta dish for water-- it's easier when they have a cone on.
Soon, Kai Kai won't need the e-collar, and his vision has already improved.  I think he's amazed that his world is out there again!!   Get well soon, sweet boy.    To find out more about cataracts, you can click on this link:    Click here: Cataracts in Dogs


lady jicky said...

Healing kisses to Kai Kai from his girlfriends in Australia XXX

Unknown said...

Healing wishes from his foster brother, Abner. Abner says, "I had dat stupid collar on recently but don't worry! It will be gone before you know it. Hang in there, pup."