Wednesday, April 13, 2016


 Coco wanted to share some pictures of her home in Australia.  I know she had a lovely Easter there.   Coco was rescued from a breeder there and given a wonderful home with my friend, Melinda.
 Coco has lots of pillows to snuggle with!  
 Her mom is a painter and does incredible work.   I love them!    Melinda loves Paris scenes, so many reflect that.
 She has beautiful dishes and collection.   I love her home!
 And those are Portmeirion dishes!  My sister has those from when she was in England.  They are wonderful!  She loves Paris, like I love Scotland--so she has a Paris sign up there, too.
 Coco is trying to give a high-five.   Or a friendly paw to get a treat off those dishes. haha
 Melinda has a collection of Pekingese things-- and she has shared some with me.  
 Coco is part of a line of very loved dogs at Melinda's home.
Here is Toby-- one of her first dogs.   Then she got a Pekingese to be Toby's friend-- and that has continued!    Thank you for sharing your pictures-- I love being part of your life there, even if it's just through photos!


lady jicky said...

I love my Portmeirion dishes -they are expensive but and you will have them for ages!!! My collection is over 20 years and I use them everyday!

You know Linda ... I was thinking - what silly women we are ---- I should have French Poodles and you should have Scottish Terriers or Cairn Terriers like my dear Toby who lived to 15 years !!!! LOL

You see .... Pekingese ... those tiny and Very Inscrutable dogs from China get under your skin and you are ADDICTED !!! LOL !!!!

Toni Davis said...

Such a beautiful home! This is what makes social media so great. We would never know you if not for fb and you add so much to our lives! Your fur babies are beautiful! And your collectibles are amazing!

lady jicky said...

Thank you for you kind words Toni ..... I do not do Facebook so Linda makes sure she posts on her blog which is just lovely of her to think of me :)