Tuesday, April 19, 2016


 Kai Kai came into rescue five years ago when he was almost 6 years old.  He had been crated a lot and they were afraid he might hurt their toddler.  
 Kai Kai has been with me for five years (in May) and he's never hurt any of the Bits here.   He has the most timid, loving spirit.  
 Kai Kai only had one application and it was with someone who would have kept him in the yard (they said they had a shade tree) and their unneutered pit bull.   Now, I know that Pits can be great, but it was obvious I was not going to put Kai Kai there.  
 So, Kai Kai stayed.  I loved this boy in a different way.  I know you all understand that-- some just get into your heart at a deeper level, and Kai Kai did that.
 I noticed Kai Kai didn't seem to be seeing as well.   He would hesitate coming up stairs unless I turned the light on.   He was getting some cloudiness in his eyes.   My vet examined him and referred me to the opthalmologists in my area.   We are SO fortunate to have so many specialist near me.   Kai Kai went there and he needed cataract surgery.  He has fast growing cataracts, so surgery was essential quickly to save his vision.   He would have gone blind fast, and some dogs can adjust fine to losing their vision.   Cataract surgery can be costly, so it is not an option for everyone.   Above, he is recovering in the first days after surgery.
 He had lost 90% of his vision in his left eye and 50% in his right eye.
 He did fine the first week, with lots of drops, and meds and visits for rechecks.    (I was there yesterday and someone was there from Luray, VA-- and they had driven 5 hours to get there by 8:30.   WOW-- I was again amazed at how fortunate we are to have a specialist that is referred to from vets all over the country.)  
 But, then one of his eyes reacted with high pressures-- and pain equivalent to having a migraine.   He needed laser surgery on that eye to see if that would help.  
 They let me know that he would have to be carefully monitored daily after this procedure for several weeks.
 Kai Kai is on oral antibiotics, eye antibiotics, pressure meds, and several other medications.    I don't know why he has had so many reactions to surgery, and most dogs don't.   But, he's my boy, so we keep doing what we need to do.
 He goes to the opthalmologist every day to be monitored.  (Here he is with Norton this past week-end.)   He has stayed there from 5-8 hours each day.  On the week-end, I took him each day to be checked and brought him home.   (He went twice on Saturday and they opened the clinic just to see Kai Kai-- I was so grateful!)
 He is there today-- being monitored and checked hourly.   He is being given all the care he can get to save his eyes.  One eye is doing well and we hope the other will heal well.   If not, we'll go from there.   (I tell Kai Kai that he is going to his spa day-- and that I will request a pedicure and facial.)
I love my boy, and we are doing all we can for him.   Here are some links to find out more about this surgery:  I will keep you updated on his progress.

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lady jicky said...

Oh Linda I know Mr Kai is super special to you --- and Why Not!!

Coco and I are praying that Kai and his eyes are Super Well real soon.
We are thinking of you both :)