Thursday, April 7, 2016


I wrote this blog yesterday, but last night, I received a message that Tofu was crashing.   The infection in her body from the pyometra was taking over.   We thought she was doing better, she even wagged her tail and ate a tiny bit yesterday.   But, pyometra is a very dangerous infection, and even though all was done to save her, she died late last night.  Her lungs had begun to fill with fluid, and Dr. Hodges worked with her late into the night to try to save her.   You are free now, sweet Tofu.   You were already loved by the Hodges and they are grieving the loss of you.    They are heartbroken.
 Meet little Tofu.   She was in a Virginia shelter and had come in as a stray.
 She started to show signs of being very sick and we were able to help her.   (We had another foster from this shelter, so we were set to go!  All the paperwork was there.)
 She was being held in a blanket to soothe her at the shelter.   A vet appointment had been set up for her, but we could help her immediately.   The shelter likes to work with rescue and that is wonderful.
 Sandy, a friend of our rescue, volunteered to take her over an hour to our Roanoke vet, Dr. Hodges.   When they arrived at the vet, it was clear that Tofu was dying.  Her temperature had dropped to 93.1-- normal is 100-102.   She had a sepsis infection caused by Pyometra, a VERY serious uterine infection.    Having your dog spayed is so important.   It can save her a crises later on when the uterus become full of infection.  This infection can happen so quickly and dogs can die from it.   Sometimes, you don't know they are sick until too late.    That's why we in rescue feel it is critical to spay and neuter our pets.
Tofu was put on antibiotics and fluid and warmed up with a heating pad.   She had NO chance unless surgery was performed and that was risky.   But, it was our only option to try to save her.   She stopped breathing 3 times in surgery, but she came through.   She went home with Lucinda and Roger so she could be monitored all night.   They are super!!   Without them, Tofu would have died, but Lucinda/Dr. Hodges came in on her day off  to do the surgery.    Tofu seemed stable the morning after surgery and we hope she will continue to do well.    If you would like to help with her surgery, you can  make a donation on our web site,, or mail a check to:  Potomac Valley Pekingese Club, P.O. Box 61005, Richmond, VA 23227.    Thank you, Sandy, Lucinda and Roger for saving this sweet girl!  

Here is Dr. Hodges report on her:
"Tofu was rescued today by a volunteer for Potomac Valley Pekingese from a shelter in Lyndhurst, Va. and rushed to Harris Animal Hospital . She was in severe septic shock from pyometra (an infected uterus). Her body temperature was critically low - only 93. She was so weak she could not even hold up her head. Her body was shutting down. She was only hours from death.
We were able to stabilize her with intensive IV fluids and IV antibiotics and get her into surgery. She stopped breathing numerous times during surgery but made it through. She is still in critical condition but she has a strong will to live.
This is her photo taken tonight as she is resting comfortably at home with us still getting her antibiotics and pain meds throughout the night. Paws crossed for this special little girl.
Thank you Sandy for getting this gal out of the shelter and to us in a nick of time. You saved her life ! Our volunteers rock!"


Ginkgo's Daddy said...

So very sorry for the loss of your Tofu. She looks so young and I love her name. I know Dr. Hodges/Lucinda and Roger did everything they could to save this little soul. I almost lost my Peke Ping Pong that had pyometra. The vet didn't have much hope for her, but Ping Pong pulled through it. Once stabilized, she was spayed. Run free little Tofu!

lady jicky said...

My two girls had pyometra and no longer good to breed .... thankfully they had the surgery so I guess it did not get too bad ?
I am So Sad to hear about dear Tofu.