Friday, April 29, 2016


 A friend sent me a picture of her heart dog, Sassy.    Here she was as a puppy.
 She died last year and is missed.    I know how special heart dogs are-- most of us have had one.
 Sassy was an older girl and she had a wonderful life.  Her owner did everything medically she could to help her.   But, we can't fix old-- don't we wish we could!
Please tell me about a dog that was YOUR heart dog-- you can post a picture on facebook and tag me (Linda Maxwell-- or email me at   Tell me why your heart dog was so important.  
 I don't know why some climb into the depths of our heart more than others, but they do.   Sassy Sugar Plum was loved this way by her mom.    We love our heart dogs!

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lady jicky said...

Oh my gosh ..... I am trying to think of my "heart dog" - no Linda I do not have one as I have loved all my dogs and they all have a spot in my heart. I do understand that some people have a special spot for one dog but I honestly can say I loved them all and they are all in that super special spot - its a big crowded I have to say!!LOL