Thursday, April 14, 2016


 Little-- also known as Bitty-- was rescued by my friend, Melanie.   He was turned into a shelter by his owner.   He is eleven years old and is a sweet boy.
 He may have been loved in his previous home, but his health care was minimal and he is showing the results of that.  
  I know vet care if expensive at time, but it's really sad when a pet is so neglected that they have a broken jaw.   Nutritional deficiencies can lead to this.  We have had many in rescue who have had broken jaws.    We can't feed dogs cheap food and expect their bodies to do well.   Many inexpensive foods simply do not have the vitamins and minerals dogs need.   Cheap food is cheap for a reason-- it's like feeding your dog cardboard and expecting them to do well.  (Sorry, this is a real pet peeve of mine.)   Little Bitty's lower jaw is "floating", but he is able to eat and he is getting great food now.
 Little Bitty also have the onset of cataracts, which happens with age.  He has luxating patellas in both back legs-- this is not unusual with Pekes and surgery can help in many cases.
He has a wonderful home now where he is getting all the care he needs.  He just got groomed-- see the difference from the first picture to now-- he is so cute and now will have everything he needs.  

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lady jicky said...

I am so glad you have Little Bitty Linda ... as I believe he has not been loved or cared for .
What a beautiful Peke he is ..... I am hoping a lovely home is found for him :)