Tuesday, April 12, 2016


 Cappi came into rescue almost 3 years ago.   He had wounds on him, as if he had been crated extensively in too small a space.   But, his eyes... He was so cute!   We had to help him.
 He was given time to heal and he was then adopted.  
 He was returned to rescue and we realized he needed a quiet environment to live in.   Some dogs do great with other dogs, with a lot going on, but some don't.   Cappy needed less stimulation.
 Cappy was moved to a foster home and later adopted there.   He is the only dog and even though he plays with a neighbor dog, he has thrived being on his own.
 His mom adores him, and she posted pictures of him so we could see how he was doing.
Here he is now-- we think he was about 8 when we got him, so he's 11 now.  (It's always a guess when we have no history for them.)   It was National Pet Day, and his mom posted this picture.  Doesn't he look happy!!    Thank you for adopting this great little man!

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lady jicky said...

What a sweet guy and I am happy to read he is now in the best place for him :)