Monday, April 11, 2016


Gizzy and Doolin went on a trip at Easter time.  They both traveled so well!   It was Gizzy's first road trip since he came into foster care.
Gizzy's skin is doing so much better.   His foster parents have done an extraordinary job getting him healthy.
He is a relaxed boy and he knows how loved he is.
He had a diet change and is having special baths.   I wonder if those Easter eggs were allowed on his diet.   They sure look good!   I think Gizzy is thinking about having one.  Do you want the yellow, or the blue, or the green.......
Gizzy was able to meet his extended family and they all adored him!    He is a real hit with his lovable, easygoing way.   He fit right in!
He loved all the extra attention he received.   All the kids wanted to pet him.
He didn't mind a bit!
Gizzy bounced right in behind his "brother" Doolin, and joyfully went around meeting everyone.
I think Gizzy found the warm spots in the yard.   Wherever he was, people found him and gave him attention.  
It looks like Gizzy and Doolin both were involved in a game here.  
Time for some snuggles after a long day....
Gizzy is a loved and content little boy.   Thank you to his foster parents for all the love they give him.

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lady jicky said...

That Gizzy is a delightful guy!!!