Saturday, April 16, 2016


 Floyd is my permanent foster due to significant health issues that he has.  He's so sweet and he follows me everywhere.
 Sugar Bit and Drill Bit are often in the playroom (living room, office...) and Floyd is allowed in with them.  All the Pekes are not kid friendly, so some stay in the rest of the house.
 Even when Sugar Bit is moving furniture, Floyd knows to just stay out of the way.
 Sugar Bit moved furniture in the dining room also--
 That little desk was strategically placed to keep her out of something.
 HA!   It was no deterrent for her!
 She moved her other things a lot, too.    That is if....
 she is not climbing stairs.
 She has a sweet temperament and she decided she wanted to love on Floyd.
 So, she put her head next to him to give him a hug.
 She would giggle and then "hug" him again.
 He didn't mind, and he played along with her.   Just look at how patient he is:   Click here: SugarBitFloyd - YouTube
 Tomorrow's blog will be on Joyful and Norton!!
They are both visiting with me while they foster mom is out of town.    They are so sweet!

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lady jicky said...

OMG Ms Sugar Bit is getting bigger and bolder! LOL
I thought poor old Floyd would give her a bite but he did not - sweet man.