Wednesday, April 27, 2016


 Sometimes in rescue, there are those dogs that for one reason or another who remain with their foster families as a permanent foster.  (Bingo above)
 It's not their fault, but their issues make them hard to adopt.  (JJ above)
 Whether it is due to a medical condition requiring hospice care or....(Charlie above)
 a traumatizing experience from their past, some dogs may be considered as unadoptable by traditional standards.  (McKenzie above)
When we rescue a dog, we make a commitment to them for life.    (Shelby above)
 Our goal is to be there for the older, the sick, and the "un-adoptable" dogs that have been abandoned at a time in their lives when they need comfort, companionship, and medical care. (Smushie above)
 These dogs continue to need our help..... (Tucker above)
 They may need prescriptions, medical procedures and special food.   (Floyd above)
If you would like to help us take care of these special ones, you can make a one-time donation, or sign up for our monthly support so that their needs will be taken care of.   If you would like to sponsor one of the dogs on this blog, you can specify that.   We do not give up on these little ones who have had a rough time in their life.   We continue to help, love, snuggle and care for them.  That is what we do.   You can go to our web site or email us at   
We find beauty in the most incomprehensible places and the otherwise
 homely faces. It is our gift to see beyond the dirt, terror, sadness and 
defeat and find the true soul that lies within. We are Rescue. 

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lady jicky said...

"We are Rescue" ..... and a Wonderful Rescue you all are!!!!!!!!!!!!!