Monday, April 18, 2016


 Joyful and Norton came to Camp Runamuck for the past 4 days.  
 There were no kids here, but there was still plenty of company.
 Floyd followed Joyful around.
 Joyful settled into one of the beds we have-- they are all over!
 Norton is like a little bear.   He had a 'puppy cut' and his hair is so thick.
 Joyful's mom brought her big bed.   It had a huge cushion in it.   (Wonder if she will share! It would be great in my car to make me higher-- short person here!)
 I noticed she was trying not to fall off the cushion, so I took it out, put her two blankets in there, and she snuggled right in!
 Yes, she was comfortable.
 Look at this face-- don't you want to kiss him!  
 Joyful wanted to meet Max-- he was so good with her.
 Max can be grumpy, but he was so gentle.
 We had a warm day, so I took her jacket off and she looked so cute sitting in the grass.  I think Joyful is so photogenic!
 Both Joyful and Norton are blind, but they meander around just fine.
 My yard and home were new to them, but they seemed to know they were loved here and they did great.
 Dogs wandering, getting along, having fun on the Pekingese Pathway (which I need to work on this year).
I'm so glad you two came to visit!    Love you both, Joyful and Norton!


lady jicky said...

Linda ..... Joyful and cutie Norton are looking so well now!
Yes .... Norton does look like a teddy bear !!!!

Lost Earring said...

I loved catching up with Joyful and Norton. Miss Joy looks 300% better than when I first saw her and Norton is so darned cute.

Anne Haggerty said...

They are both darling. Joy is a little wonder. She's so cute in her outfits. Little dolls.