Saturday, April 21, 2018


 Rusty came into rescue in 2012. 
 He had a very rough life before we got him.  But, it all changed when he came into rescue. 
 He was adopted by Stacy and later moved to Pennsylvania. 
 He was so loved there.
 He had toys and Peke friends, and family who adored him.
 Rusty began to have trouble hearing and seeing.  That happens when they get older.  He also had mobility issues and could no longer stand.  His mom did everything for him.   But, he wasn't getting better. 
You can see the love they had for each other.  He can run free now and wait for him mom at the Rainbow Bridge.   You were adored, sweet man. 

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LadyJicky said...

Rusty was such a handsome man and it was so wonderful that he finally had a good and kind life.
Rusty will be so missed as you can see the love in that last photo!