Tuesday, April 25, 2017


 Albert came into rescue in 2015.
 He had a large tumor on his neck and an ear infection.  We were told he was about ten years old and had been found wandering on the road.   He was matted and dirty and needed help which our rescue gave him.  He had surgery to remove the tumor (benign!!) and he was such a sweet boy.
 He was adopted and I just have to say how highly I think of people who will adopt an older Peke.   I love the seniors.  My house is full of them-- all 11 and up.  When people adopt a senior, they give that Peke a way to have the final years of their lives filled with love and care.   Those adopters are heroes to me.  Albert's mom is one of them.
So is Oreo's mom.   I realized that Albert's mom and Oreo's mom are friends.  I know them on facebook. Oreo's mom said that Albert's mom has brightened her life.  Oreo is another one of those special Pekes-- his past life was bad, he became blind, but he is living a life of being cherished now.
I think Albert shows what a cherished Peke looks like!  He is doing well, and is so loved-- yes, he's older.  Seniors aren't as active, they may not have as many years to give you-- but those years will be filled with love for their owners.   I love those who will adopt a senior!!   

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LadyJicky said...

What lovely ones Albert and Oreo are!!

Yes Linda ..... people who adopt the seniors are very, very special !!!!!