Tuesday, April 11, 2017


 Gilbert came into rescue with his brother, Sullivan in August of 2011.
 They were in bad shape when they came in, but Lucinda (at Harris Animal Hospital in Roanoke) took such wonderful care of them.
 They were 6-8 years old and very bonded.
 They had all the care they needed.  Gilbert showed off his new mouth after his dental.
They were adopted by Dr. Simon, another vet at the practice.  She fell in love with them.  It would have been easy to do.
  Sullivan and Gilbert were so bonded.  It was very difficult for Gilbert when Sullivan/Sully, died in 2012 of heart failure during surgery.  
 Gilbert had such a kissable face and was so sweet.
 He was dressed up for Halloween one year.
 He was such a good sport!
 They loved their mom and had such a wonderful home.  They went to work each day, and Gilbert continued to do that after Sullivan passed away.
Gilbert went into kidney failure and Dr. Simon had to say good-bye to him yesterday.  He is now running free with his best friend, Sullivan.   They will both  be missed so much.  He was a beautiful boy.

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LadyJicky said...

Oh it must be so sad and "different" for Dr Simon to go into work without her Gilbert.
Thinking of you ---- Melinda and Coco .